Effects of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a condition where the malignant cells are shaped in the lung, this cancer is usually had by the smoker—active and passive. The active smoker is the ones who smoke cigarettes directly while the passive is the ones who breathe the smoke of the ciggarettes’ active smokers. In this article, we are going … Read more

Diagnose of Stage IV Lung Cancer

Stage IV lung cancer is the condition where cancer cells have already spread to other parts of the body. Just like other types of cancer, it is the worst condition of lung cancer. There are many effects of lung cancer. For instance, an infection in lungs such as pneumonia and bronchitis which often reappear, voice … Read more

The Best Lung Cancer Treatment

The best lung cancer treatment is performed based on the type, size, location, stage of cancer, and also the overall health of the patient. There are some medications or treatments that can be given by the doctor to prevent cancer from spreading as well as relieve the effects of lung cancer. Here they are. Surgery … Read more

Tips to choose the right cancer treatment centers

The difficulty of therapy for cancer is because cancer cells originate from the body’s cells which change the nature of being uncontrolled growth. So that every treatment aimed at cancer cells will affect normal body cells. Another difficulty is that the binding capacity between cells is fragile so that cancer cells can be easily released … Read more

Some of the Plant Which Belief to Be Alternative Cancer Treatment Research

Many cancer patients prefer to find information about alternative cancer treatment research in order to be able to use these alternative treatments rather than having to take certain treatments for cancer like patients who suffer effects of lung cancer such as surgery or surgery, radiotherapy, and also chemotherapy. Especially if done in the form of … Read more

The Best Place for Cancer Treatment in Houston

The University at Houston, Monroe Dunaway Anderson has been known as the best place for cancer treatment in houston by the surrounding community. The University at Houston named Monroe Dunaway Anderson is a comprehensive cancer care center as well as an institution that gives degrees to other cancer research and development centers at Texas in … Read more