Breast Cancer Treatment Plan: Types of Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment Plan: Types of Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Breast cancer is a type of cancer that grows in human breast tissue. Women are the type of people who are most at risk of developing breast cancer, although men also have the possibility of developing this cancer. However, you do not need to worry because the process of treatment of breast cancer has been very developed at this time. You can get breast cancer treatment after discussing it with your doctor. Breast cancer treatment plans should at least be known by everyone as knowledge and early prevention measure.

The function of breast cancer treatment

Why do you have breast cancer treatment? That question has 2 main answers. The first answer is to keep your body away from cancer and spread as quickly as possible. The second answer is to prevent the cancer cells from returning (growing and developing) in the patient’s body.

So how to determine the best breast cancer treatment for sufferers? In determining this, consultation with a doctor is something important. However, in making his decision, doctors have 3 reasons to choose one or a combination of breast cancer treatment. First is the type of breast cancer suffered. Second is the stage of breast cancer suffered. The third is the presence or absence of substances called receptors in tumors or cancer. However, the breast cancer treatment plan will also still consider the physiological and psychological factors of the sufferer. The best breast cancer treatment guidelines are decisions with doctors and patients.

Types of breast cancer treatment

It is known that 5 breast cancer treatments are widely used. The first treatment is surgery. This surgery also has many types depending on its function. However, the main surgery is done to remove the tumor. If surgery is done to remove the tumor and tissue near the tumor, it is called a lumpectomy. If surgery is done by removing all breast tissue, it is called a mastectomy.

The second treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the use of one or a combination of various types of drugs to kill cancer cells. This chemotherapy has a good effect but also has side effects, such as hair loss. The third treatment is radiation therapy. This type of treatment is a treatment that uses waves of radiation with very high intensity and energy used to kill cancer cells.

The fourth treatment is hormone therapy. This type of treatment uses drugs to control and engineer certain hormones; in the case of breast cancer is the hormone estrogen. The last treatment is targeted therapy. This treatment also uses drugs like chemotherapy. However, this treatment has the advantage of being able to target certain cancer cells or genes so that it is considered more effective than chemotherapy. In a breast cancer treatment plan, one treatment or a combination of treatments might occur.

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