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hi all of you once again welcome to bestnewarticle if you are new here my name is ishita and i make fashion and lifestyle article and the reason behind making my styling is so that i can help you all girls a little I am going to tell you 7 fashion mistakes that many girls make and most of them are inspired by me. Which are they I will keep it very short and to the point so let’s start so the first mistake is not wearing the right kind of shoes a pair of shoes with your outfit can make or break your look this is what you end up with When you complete your outfit, it is very important to make sure that you are wearing the right shoes. If you are wearing this type of cute floral dress, then you should not wear sneakers, but wear cute heels so that it adds to your feminine look. And complete the feminine vibe but if you are wearing a sporty t-shirt dress then you should wear sneakers not nude heels for black shoes everyone thinks it is a universal thing and wear it you will go with everyone but it is always true Neutral colors like beige or nude would be the right choice when you are not sure what to wear.

Another important tip I would like to give is sofa technique which means: Season, occasion, formality and activity for which You have to wear shoes this will help you should you wear heels then flats, sandals, boots or sneakers then you can use this technique when you are confused now we are on the topic of shoes then second mistake is also related to this And that is not taking right height of heel for yourself 3 inches is the most ideal or comfortable heel height that I would like to suggest but I have also made the mistake of taking heels too high like 5 or 6 inches because in college days I used to think The higher the heel height the better I will look or the hotter I will be but oh my god it was a pain to walk in wearing that trust me no one will look stylish or attractive who can barely walk in high heels remember Style or comfort is not perfect but style and comfort go hand in hand when you are taking off your heels the third mistake is that your jeans or bottom wear should be folded down only churidar should be folded down like this absolutely Not stylish it looks very bad so either you replace it if it is off size or you buy your perfect size yes I know it is hit and trial method I also tried hard to find my right size I have used different brands and their sizes are different.

I would suggest you to do the same until you find the right size just make sure the jeans or leggings are not bunching up at the bottom it doesn’t look good so now let’s go to the next mistake and that is not to wear seamless underwear then those girls who wear body fit dresses like bodycon or leggings or gymwear then they don’t wear seamless underwear under those clothes and it is prohibited to do this according to me it doesn’t look good, that pantyline is not attractive at all Neither looks good then invest in good seamless panty like marks& spencer, h&m, la senza are some brands, I have also told in my previous lingerie guide video, you can also shop from Jivame, I link to my old video.

Will give you a lot of help from there the fifth mistake is not wearing specific socks according to the sneakers so if you are not looking for knee socks then I would suggest wearing no shoe socks lots of it is h&m and jockey pe They look better and put together, attention will go only to the shoes and not the socks, I would suggest you to wear no shoe socks, the sixth mistake is not to change your hair style and I have also done this mistake, I always used to have side parted hair and In my first 10 videos I have only 1 hair style but now I have changed a little bit I have done curls middle parting and some other hair style which suits me a lot so if you don’t want to cut hair then do parting mid parting or side parting Do or change the side of the parting, in my old 1 video I have told some simple and easy hairstyles, I will put the link so that you can see them and get an idea, do you know which hairstyle or hair cut will suit you, this is also a hit End trial but will help you a lot to change your look. The ultimate fashion mistake is not to accessorize at all or to overdo it. I love minimal so I would recommend classic and minimal like silver or gold hoops, layered necklaces, silver or gold ring or watch and such minimal things i love daniel wellington i have his coupon i will give the link but if you want to wear statement piece just wear 1 to complete your look not 2 or 3 but For minimal you can wear 2 to 3 accessories like a ring with simple chain or watch or wear bracelet instead of watch and wear something in ears you have to mix and match all these to complete your look 104 00 :06:17,000 –> 00:06:24 ,000 My old must have accessory video link is below must watch it and with that this video ends I hope it is helpful and informative enough to start the channel The motive behind this was to help you girls to wear good style to increase your self confidence and I hope that I am contributing in this.

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