History of Breast Cancer: Overview and Early Finding

It is one thing that women most afraid of, breast cancer. Though it is not only one cancer found in women, but breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that women have. Nowadays we see the movement in supporting women with breast cancer is getting stronger day by day. However, have you ever thought about the early finding and awareness or, the history of breast cancer?

An overview

Many studies have been conducted in this field. The study and research on breast cancer have opened the ways for other research on other types of cancer. Since it was first found, the treatments have improved and changed in many aspects. However, some elements of the treatments and findings are still the same. You need to keep reading to be informed about the history of breast cancer, the first findings and the evolution of how treatment for the patient is conducted.

Early findings

We know that breast cancer exists since a long time ago. An ancient medical text from called Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus found the description of breast cancer cases. The texts were dated to 1600 BC.

People in ancient Greece created votive offerings taking the shape of breasts, and this offering is made for the god of medicine. Early of 400s BCE stages of breast cancer were described by a Greek physician Hippocrates.

At the beginning of the AD century, to destroy the tumors, doctors were experimenting in surgical incisions. They have a theory that breast cancer may be related to the ending of menstruation cycle in which this associate cancer to the happening of cancer in old age.

The start of middle ages while everything is linked with the religious matter, cancer is also associated with a new philosophy in religion. While Christians consider surgery to be barbaric and prefer the healing in faith, Moslem doctors used Greek medical texts in learning about breast cancer.

The surgery method began to find its way as the doctors in the renaissance era started to explore the human body. A Scottish surgeon, John Hunter is known as the founder of scientific surgery had identified lymph and it is the cause of breast cancer. Lymph is fluid containing white blood cells and carries them all over the body.

Before you find out about breast cancer treatment guidelines, it is always useful to know about the history of breast cancer to know that treatment is not always the same, it evolves and improved over time.

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