Some of the Plant Which Belief to Be Alternative Cancer Treatment Research

Many cancer patients prefer to find information about alternative cancer treatment research in order to be able to use these alternative treatments rather than having to take certain treatments for cancer like patients who suffer effects of lung cancer such as surgery or surgery, radiotherapy, and also chemotherapy. Especially if done in the form of chemotherapy, many sufferers do not want to do it and are worried. This is because they do not want to experience side effects from the actions taken such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and hair loss. For them, these things are frightening specters, and it is better to choose alternative treatments. That’s why they are always looking for information about alternative cancer treatment research.

Interestingly, now it turns out there have been discoveries about some plants that are considered as alternative treatments for cancer. These plants are also very easy to find around us in everyday life. Some herbs that are considered suitable as alternative cancer treatments are:

  1. Soursop leaf

  2. Rodent Tuber

  3. Echinacea

  4. Garlic

  5. Turmeric

  6. Green tea

So, those are some plants considered as an invention of alternative cancer treatment research.

Alternative cancer treatment research, just be adding to the supplement for therapy

Although there has been much alternative cancer treatment research, in fact it is just an additional supplement in the treatment for cancer sufferers. In each alternative cancer treatment research, indeed the various plants studied have various ingredients that are good for cancer sufferers, but not to cure cancer for sufferers.

The only best treatment for cancer sufferers is only in the form of medical procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy, which is often done by doctors on their patients suffering from cancer than alternative treatments from alternative cancer treatment research.

Why result from alternative cancer treatment research still be doubt.

Until now, the results of alternative cancer treatment research to be used as an alternative treatment for cancer are still in doubt. The doctors in the field of cancer experts are of the opinion, that even though an alternative treatment has been found from alternative cancer treatment research, but it is only felt as a complement or help the patient’s immune system. Then, the action has also not been done massively for extraction, because it is one of the conditions so that the results of a study can be recognized. The results of alternative cancer treatment research cannot kill cancer according to them.

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