The Concept of Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

The Concept of Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

In the treatment program for breast cancer, there is an approach called clinical trial. Clinical trials are a research program that involves the patient fully in the process (in this case it means breast cancer sufferers). Clinical trials are an attempt to test the latest types of therapy and treatment in patients (after agreeing to take part in this process). Breast cancer clinical trials are important to do so that more treatments will prove to be more effective and efficient in the future.

The concept of clinical trials

Clinical trials are a 2-in-1 process; that is because this process is one type of treatment as well as research activities. Clinical trials are important as a process of evaluating drugs or the latest treatment for certain diseases. The concept of clinical trials is given to patients suffering from certain diseases. The patient, of course, must know the purpose of the trial and agree to participate without coercion if want to take this clinical trial.

Clinical trials in medicine are carried out after the research & development process and the preclinical testing process. So new methods of treatment and medicine are not directly carried out with clinical trials on humans or patients. Clinical trials are conducted to determine the safety and effectiveness of treatment in humans, see the potential for more efficient and effective treatments, and see any side effects from these treatments.

Clinical trials in breast cancer

Clinical trials in breast cancer treatment are also widely performed. This is important because with breast cancer clinical trials, the possibility of drugs that are more effective, efficient, and minimal side effects will be found. However, according to the data found, so far there are less than 5% of breast cancer sufferers who take treatment as well as being the object of clinical trials. This is caused by the lack of information about clinical trials, from participation, the process of drug trials, to the risk of clinical trials. As a reminder that clinical trials for breast cancer still follow the procedure for breast cancer treatment guidelines.

Every person has the right to take breast cancer clinical trials at a health service. However, these patients must still be selected based on the criteria of the desired research subject. After that, the patient will also be and must be informed of various activities and procedural clinical trial information going forward. So, the patient will be ready to follow this process and there is no desire to retreat in the middle of the process; although retreating in the middle of the process is still allowed. Also, informed consent is an important point here. In clinical trials, you will be assisted by a doctor to answer and give confidence about your participation in this process because this process usually takes a long time.

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