Effects of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a condition where the malignant cells are shaped in the lung, this cancer is usually had by the smoker—active and passive. The active smoker is the ones who smoke cigarettes directly while the passive is the ones who breathe the smoke of the ciggarettes’ active smokers. In this article, we are going to talk about the effects of lung cancer, but before that there are some things that we need to know, the first is the symptoms of the lung cancer—the sooner we know the symptoms, the sooner we will get the right treatment, but unfortunately lung cancer does not show its symptoms in the beginning, the symptoms will be felt when the cells are already spread and getting bigger, here are some of them :

  1. Chronic cough
  2. Coughing up on blood
  3. Drastic weight loss
  4. Chest and bone pain
  5. Hard to breathe

Those are the symptoms that will be felt by people when they are about to have the lung cancer, the next thing that we are going to talk is about the things that make lung cancer grows in the body or the factors of the lung cancer, here are some of them :

  1. Having one of the family members that also has the lung cancer
  2. Living or working in the area that is tainted the dangerous chemical
  3. Often getting the air pollution
  4. Had undergone radiotherapy before

After knowing the factors that can cause the lung cancer, the next thing that is going to be talked in this article is the effects of lung cancer—how the effects affect the body, here are some of them :

  1. Lung cancer tends to spread to the adrenal glands, liver, brain, and bones
  2. If the lung cancer spread to the brain, it can cause vision problems, convulsions, or weakness
  3. Metastatic lung cancer that spreads to the liver or adrenal glands usually does not show symptoms at the time of diagnosis
  4. If the lung cancer affects the bones, it can cause the serious pain, especially in the femur, backbone, and the ribs
  5. Chemotherapy or radiation can be used to cure the lung cancer but it will also give the side effects like vomiting, nausea, hair loss, skin problems, and easy to get tired
  6. Lung cancer can cause the chronic cough
  7. The person who has the lung cancer can breathe with the sound if the tumour blocks the windpipe
  8. If the diagnosis shows the first stage, it can be cured by doing the operation, but it also has the effects which are a pain, limp, and difficult to breathe after the operation

Lung cancer has an important rule to make the death of someone compared to the other cancers, that is why it is very important to avoid the things that can cause it. After talking about the effects, the next thing that we are going to talk about its the last stage of this cancer which is stage IV lung cancer. This article will also talk about the cures for that stage, basically, it is the most dangerous stage because the cells are already spread into the two sides of the lungs to the liver, bones, and other organs. The best way to cure this last stage is by doing the chemotherapy because it can make the cancer cells smaller and also make the life of that person longer. The combination of the medicines will make the cancer cells weaken and also avoiding them to spread to the other organs, the medicines can be infused or drank. The chemotherapy can be finished in three to four weeks.

Another cures that can be done is the traditional one, there are some herbs that are able to help cure the lung cancer. Here are the traditional lung cancer treatment that can be done by the people who have lung cancer

It is able to block the spreads and the growth of the cancer cells, green tea also contains the antioxidant

The taste of this leaf is not as delicious as the fruits, but this leaf contains acetogenins (bulatacin, asimisin, and squamosin) that has a role as anti feedent. It can also make the cancer cell grow slower, research also found out that this leaf contains 10,000 active ingredients to cure the cancer

Ginger contains curcumin, zingiberol, zingiberene essential oil (zinginora), gingerol, bisabolene, and also bitter resins. It is also good to be consumed after the people have done the chemotherapy to avoid the effect of vomiting

The reason why garlic can be used to cure lung cancer is that it contains active ingredient—Allicin. The way to consume it is by boiling it first then you can eat it after that.

Another alternative curs that can be done by people who have lung cancer is radiation treatment for lung cancer. This method will use high light energy like X light to kill the cancer cell, this therapy is done by placing the body in a bed while the machine is moving to point to which part of the body that has cancer cells. This therapy is usually done to the person that have the next stage of lung cancer.

Those are some information about lung cancer that will make us more careful and aware of this lung cancer, it is such a dangerous cancer that could lead the people who have it to the death. We all need to take care of our body really well, especially the main and biggest cause of this cancer are smokers—both active and passive. Another thing that we can do is by eating healthy foods and do the exercises properly, it will make our body stay healthy and fresh, and also will make us not to get tired easily. By knowing the effects of lung cancer, we will be more aware of things that might cause lung cancer.

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